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the characters frequently have an epiphany

the characters frequently have an epiphany

Tim's relationship with his sisters was quite strained.  They were battling over the family enterprise. 

What began as an easy evaluation of this company turned into a all out yelling match where all of the family's dirty laundry and beyond strikes were hauled up and reopened, with a few salt thrown . 

It was cluttered.  It had been very Suits-like.

From the TV show, the characters frequently have an epiphany, adventure contrition, and give a heartfelt apology.  Surprisingly, the coworkers continue to forgive one another and continue.

In actual life, I've found it is not so simple.

If opening the can of worms proves for a giant sized tank of venomous snakes, then it is time to take inventory.  Can the connections be mended?   Would you wish to?

We can not pick our loved ones, but we could choose how we interact together.

Tim made a decision to prevent his siblings.   Every time that he tried to create a bridge, then it got burnt again.   He worked on recovery and forgiveness independently, without expecting something out of his loved ones.

  If we can not clean this up, practice forgiveness of others and self.

There's an entire sea of adventures to research, occasionally with tranquil seas, occasionally demanding. 

Simply keep sailing.  There's a lot of beauty to see when the storm moves.


Zoë is on a mission to promote huge thinkers with large hearts to create a large difference. 

She's enthusiastic about showing leaders how to battle constraints so that they can live and direct with boundless energy, confidence, and certainty. 

With more than 30 years experience creating leaders, she has released three novels: Composure: The Way Centered Leaders Make the Biggest Impact, Seconds: Direction the moment it matters , and Loyalty: Quit unwanted personnel turnover, boost participation, and produce lifelong urges. 


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